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  The BSP team is now in the process of complete list preparing of the existing QNX and other RTOS BSP's.
Our BSP's will work with all releases of QNX on exact commercial SBS with no modifications required.
At the same time, we are checking whether the code of the listed BSP's can be distributed under the: „Apache II”.
We will also indicate if it is „Apache II” regulation compatible.

The list of BSP's currently being considered for commercial offering can be found here.
Check back often as this will list will be updated frequently.

QTTC Board Support Packages are offered for following architectures at the moment:
QTTC offers a wide variety of device drivers development and protocol implementation:
  • Touchscreen,
  • Flash,
  • Serial & Char,
  • I2C,
  • 1-wire,
  • SMBus,
  • SPI.

  Moreover we can help you with code executed before O/S kernel, which is mainly responsible for low level hardware initialization and loading bootable O/S image.
We do porting services of the Universal Bootloader called "U-Boot" .

As for QNX Neutrino we develop dedicated IPL (Initial Program Loader) and startup code.